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kWh Commercial Solar Installation.

Expertly engineered and unbeatably efficient solar power systems throughout Texas and Oklahoma.

Since solar PV was first discovered in 1839, there have been many advancements to make solar panels more powerful and efficient. Over the years, solar technology has improved alongside becoming more affordable. There are several great tax incentives and depreciation options for commercial properties.

kWh Energy Solutions adds our cutting-edge energy saving technology to decrease your system's size, reducing the overal cost for installation and purchase. Our inspection will determine the design of your system that is the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your particular needs.

Solar power made more efficient

Reducing the size of your solar power system is the smartest way to reduce your overall investment.

kWh Energy Solutions' cutting-edge energy saving systems reduce the amount of energy you need, drastically reducing the size of your solar power system.

Save money by gaining electrical efficiency

“Over $16 Billion Dollars of electricity is unusable energy, but billable in the US.”
- US Department of Energy

kWh Energy Solutions engineers whole-home or whole-business systems to ensure you use more of the electricity you pay for.

Reduce your environmental impact

Solar power is a clean, renewable energy source. As consumers become more concious of how their purchasing choices are impacting the global ecosystem, add energy efficiency as a differentiator for your business.

"The kWh Energy System and its accompanying solar installation is helping us reach our goals of reducing our carbon footprint and protecting our clients' trailers. Combined with the tax advantages of a solar system, kWh was the obvious choice. Thank you!"

Melinda K.
Austin, Texas

"After I learned about the risks posed to my mission-critical equipment, the kWh Energy System seemed like a no-brainer. Now I feel confident that my assets are protected, and as an added bonus I'm saving on my energy bill."

Terry W.
Austin, Texas
President, Print Shoppe

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