Reduce your investment in energy through improved electrical efficiency.

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Graph Showing the Drastic Energy Savings kWh enables.

Solar power made more efficient

Reducing the size of your solar power system is the smartest way to reduce your overall investment.

kWh Energy Solutions' cutting-edge energy saving systems reduce the amount of energy you need, drastically reducing the size of your solar power system.

Save money by gaining electrical efficiency

“Over $16 Billion Dollars of electricity is unusable energy, but billable in the US.”
- US Department of Energy

kWh Energy Solutions engineers whole-home or whole-business systems to ensure you use more of the electricity you pay for.

Protect your assets and equipment from devastating electrical fluctuations

Surges in electrical current are common, even without the presence of a storm.

Valuable equipment can be damaged by surges – let kWh Energy protect your investment.

kWh Energy is the proud principal distributor of atomixAir by Oario – the new superior indoor atmosphere solution for your complete health and comfort, with up to 73% energy savings.

Our Customers Say It Best:

"The kWh Energy System and its accompanying solar installation is helping us reach our goals of reducing our carbon footprint and protecting our clients' trailers. Combined with the tax advantages of a solar system, kWh was the obvious choice. Thank you!"

Melinda K.
Austin, Texas

"kWh did a great job on my solar system. They were transparent from the beginning on what to expect and were very professional. I will definitely refer them in the future."

Tommy M.
Houston, Texas

"After I learned about the risks posed to my mission-critical equipment, the kWh Energy System seemed like a no-brainer. Now I feel confident that my assets are protected, and as an added bonus I'm saving on my energy bill."

Terry W.
Austin, Texas
President, Print Shoppe

"Very Happy with the solar system! I love the savings and going green. Professional and quick service from kWh Energy Solutions."

Jeff A.
Georgetown, Texas

"The savings with our solar and energy system are awesome! The installation was swift and professional. The only delay was Oncor (Utility Provider) in turning on the system. Once it was turned one everything has worked great."

Kevin S.
Killeen, Texas

"We are very satisfied with the quality of kWh Energy Solutions' workmanship. The professionalism that was shown during the installation process was outstanding. They were courteous and everything went smooth as silk."

Cindy & Jim S.
Killeen, Texas

"Bethany in production was wonderful and extremely helpful. Any questions that I had were immediately answered. The crew installing were fantastic, and installation went off smoothly without a hitch...very professional. As soon as my system was turned on, my meter immediately started running backwards! Very happy!

Woo hoo! I recommend others to get a solar system only from kWh Energy Solutions."

Stephanie M.
Copperas Cove, Texas

"I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our solar installation. We have been thrilled with having 5 months of electric bills in the $60 range. Mostly the minimum charges for hook up, fees, etc.

The work that your crew did was outstanding. They were efficient and left a clean worksite. The interface with PEC was easy when they came to switch the meter. The electrical work we also had done at the time cleaned up some issues we had with the breaker box.

I believe you sized the capacity just right. The system looks great and doesn't impact my rain collection system. The surge protection and the accurate meter draw for the AC both seem great.

You were easy to work with and did a great job of explaining the system. I am especially glad we did the cash option so you really see the benefits in monthly cash flow.

Al B.
Austin, Texas

It's Simple to Start Gaining Electrical Efficiency


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Engineering & Installation

Our team will do all engineering, paperwork and Installation with our own installers.


Start Saving $$$

Once your system is up and running we will help you set up the monitoring system.

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Common Questions

What is the ROI (Return on Investment) for Solar?

Your ROI depends on your power usage, electicity price, and system size. On average, a solar system can pay itself off within 5 to 7 years.

Is the kWh system government approved?

Yes, and it also has UL Certifications in the US and Canada.

UL Certification Logo

Does the Energy System void any warranties?

No, kWh Energy systems do not void any warranties on any equipment you may have.

What kind of testing has this system been through?

Our system has been through over 7 years of testing, not including R&D before we ever sold the system.

How long does it take to get the kWh Solar and Energy Systems installed?

Depending on the your size of system and your utility company, the process averages between 30 and 40 days.

What are your service areas?

Commercial: We can do the KWH Energy System and LED lights anywhere in the United States along with large solar projects.

Residential: We do the kWh Energy System, solar, roofs and insulation in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Oklahoma City and anywhere between.

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